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Service Automated Booking is Here

AU Limitless release online booking facility for franchise dealers.
Until now this level of integration was reserved for manufacturers. The new tool levels the playing field allowing
dealer groups to improve the customer’s journey and increase bookings across all sites.

Keyloop users can now offer their customers full digital service booking automation using the AU Limitless booking widgets and I frames within their smart apps and or websites to allow aftersales customers to check live availability, book services and mot when they want as opposed to existing methods which lack the ability to pinpoint, confirm and execute a time and date that suits the customer busy lifestyles.

Linked to reminders the tool has already seen over 250 bookings its first month with many bookings being made outside business hours.

This latest technology and integration from AU Limitless replaces the need to gather online bookings to then make several attempts to reconfirm exact dates and times by telephone or SMS.

82% Of Customer would prefer  the use of digital services

Following research by Keyloop 82% of customers would prefer the use of digital services. They want to be able to book their service online and more importantly communicate with their dealership online. Our tools allow your customers to upload videos or text to inform dealerships of their requirements and useful information. This not only improves efficiency at the dealership but reduces time for the customer who can choose upsell requirements, contactless check-ins and generate more profit for the dealership through our integrated software and industry-leading hardware receptions. The key difference between AU Limitless and others is the ease of installations, reduction of costs, and full end-to-end Keyloop integration via our Smartphone Dealer Apps, widgets, and iframes.

Our solutions are Limitless.

Complete Aftersales Digitalisation

Existing methods such as website mail forms and other digital processes do not integrate to and from the DMS which leads to customer disappointed as they expect to receive their chosen appointment date and time and not an alternative which requires secondary confirmation. This eliminates the new for double entry between systems and web forms as well as duplicate bookings and through fully automating the booking service dealers can now reduce administrative costs and improve customer service.
Our customers can now offer the complete digital journey from upsells, service plan integrated, check in, payment and collect. All solutions can accompany existing websites and other digital aftersales methods.

Create Your Own Digital Revolution

To find out more about how AU limitless can create an engaging digital experience for your customers, drop us your details and we’ll get back to you.

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