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Did you know that 70% of customers do not call to make bookings or enquiries and over 30% of these bookings are made outside of your standard dealer opening times?
Digital transformation will enable your dealership to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive and diverse industry. This is why customer engagement should lie at the heart of your value proposition, with a focus on enabling customers to tailor their experience. In doing so, you will shift focus from just a transaction to experiencing your brand- and that will establish a strong bond between your business and customers.

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We are a creative solutions provider to the Motor Trade specialising in both out of the box and bespoke solutions to suit your individual business requirements covering Sales, Marketing & Aftersales.
The safety of your customers and staff has never been more important than it is today, and our product has been developed to provide the most comprehensive, contactless and hassle-free customer experience.
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Modern consumers want not just the best of on and offline worlds but the best of all worlds -convenience, choice, and a diverse range of services. Omni-channel retail that seamlessly integrates digital technology is the key to your survival, but dealer technology is moving so quickly that if you do not move fast, you will get left behind. History has shown us that if you don’t adapt and evolve then you will eventually become extinct, the time to make changes to your process has never been more relevant and AU Limitless can help every step of the way.

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