Car dealers gain social distancing assistance from new mobile app

A new smartphone app is helping car dealers manage customers and maintain COVID-19 social distancing regulations via their mobile device.

AU Limitless’ phone-based automotive retail platform allows customers to book a service or MOT via an app or customer website and handle everything from contactless check-in, approving work from videos to key drop off, collection and payment.

Martin Stokes, chief executive of AU Limitless, said: “People spend over three hours a day on their phones, and it is the primary device from which they do research and, increasingly make purchases.

“The team set out to build a solution that will not only help dealers operate efficiently while social distancing is in place but also help to build a longer-lasting relationship with customers.

“Too often, the relationship between dealer and customer is purely transactional and infrequent. This solution will become the customer’s digital dealership with reminders on everything from servicing and MOT to the latest offers relevant to their profile.”

The app is available for dealers to use under the AU Limitless brand or can use a dealers branding and it is free to download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

AU Limitless claims that early trials have shown it speeds up the servicing process with a quicker check-in process, approval of the work required and fewer customer queries due to the use of video to explain any work before it is undertaken.

Stokes said: “From retail to the hospitality sector, people expect to be able to transact on their mobile phone and be kept in the loop on progress, whether that be a parcel delivery, a holiday, or takeaway.

“Mobile commerce is set to account for 52% of all retail e-commerce sales by 2021. Now is the time for our sector to catch up.”

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